Questions about support

I haven’t decided whether to apply for immigration, but can I send the entry form?

The entry form is for a tentative assessment of whether you can apply for immigration. After sending it, we will evaluate it based on the basic information, and if there is a corresponding program, make a reservation for a paid consultation. Regardless of whether the program is applicable or not, we will correct it for free if you attach a resume to the entry form, so please feel free to send it from here.

What are the advantages of applying for a consultation?

We have a fee ($150) for the consultation, but during the consultation, we will introduce the program and if it does not meet the requirements at this time, we will give advice on how to apply for immigration in the future. Please feel free to contact us.

Can I have a consultation without being in Canada?

No problem. The consultation will be via Skype or multiple emails.

What are the benefits of using a consultant to apply for immigration?

The immigration process requires a lot of paperwork and some designated forms. IRCC will refuse the application or delay the process if you don’t include the latest form and/or all the required documents and information.

Our consultant has more than 10 years of experience in immigration. We will prepare the documents including a cover letter, a supporting letter, and supporting documents that are advantageous for assessment. We will also follow up with your application status until the decision is made.

Canadian immigration laws and regulations change frequently. It is vital to prepare application documents to comply with the latest regulations. Our consultant makes sure to prepare documents accordingly.
Our consultant is also familiar with human resources matters, so we can offer advice from a multifaceted perspective on business immigration.
You will enjoy many benefits of using an experienced consultant.

How much is the application support fee?

Application support fees will vary depending on the program you apply for.
For details, we will guide you through the consultation. The review only service will be approximately 25-50% of a regular application support fee. You can request a quote for reviews only service here.

Questions about applications

What are the ways to obtain permanent residence in Canada?

There are both federal and provincial initiated programs for applying for permanent residence in Canada. The required documents and conditions vary depending on each program, so please send us the entry form or apply for a consultation.

How long does it take to obtain a permanent residence?

Depending on the program, it varies. The fastest federal program, Express Entry, takes about 6 months to process your application. Some programs take more than 18 months.

I am not confident in English. Should I give up applying for permanent residence?

Some programs do not require English proficiency, so please apply by using the entry form.

My application has been rejected. Can I reapply?

Depending on the program, it may not be possible to reapply for a certain period. Details will be assessed at the consultation, so please apply from here.

I plan to set up a startup company in Canada. Is it possible to support a work permit?

Consultants with a wealth of experience in supporting start-up companies will prepare documents . Please apply from here.